• 7 December 2018. A series of more than 70 different freesia genotypes was planted in week 48 for comparison and assessment. In addition to about 25 existing varieties, various new selections are included in almost every conceivable color range. Strict selection criteria are used: in addition to the economically important parameters such as production per plant and per square meter and average stem weight, consumer value characteristics such as vase life, flowering and scent will be more decisive than before in the final choices.

    From the end of March, these trials can be visited where colleagues can form their own opinion about the future assortment.

  • 8 July 2018. After many years of outdoor cultivation in the head of North Holland, freesias are grown closer to us from this year: at various locations in and around Noordwijk. At the moment the lots for corm production are in full bloom. The corms are developing well, and digging of the first lots is scheduled for August 1. The other lots, partly under canvas, ill be lifted  in the period from the end of August until the end of October.


  • 31 May 2018. All freesia varieties in our propagation greenhouse are now fully in bloom. Twice a week, inspection takes place in order to remove eventual virus-plants or mixes, with the aim of obtaining virus-free batches. The batches will be lifted in July. After cleaning and sorting, the preparation of the corms starts from mid-August.

  • 07-03-18. Op 7 maart jl. is tijdens de jaarvergadering van bloembollenkwekersvereniging Floralia door de heer Aad van Leeuwen een nieuw Amaryllisras gedoopt dat door Penning Breeding is ontwikkeld. Deze prachtige dubbelbloemige Amaryllis heeft de naam ‘Aquarel’ gekregen.

    Dhr. Aad van Leeuwen is gedurende zijn actieve loopbaan als D.L.V-voorlichter gedurende meerdere decennia altijd nauw betrokken geweest bij de teelt van amaryllis, en is ook na zijn pensionering deze teelt altijd blijven volgen.  Tevens heeft hij bij de start van de veredelingsactiviteiten van Penning Breeding ook een rol gespeeld als vraagbaak een informatiebron voor de amaryllisteelt.

    Na de plechtige doop met champagne werd het officiele doopcertificaat ondertekend door dhr. van Leeuwen, veredelaar Marko Penning en de heren Erik en Martin Boers, respectievelijk voorzitter en secretaris van Floralia.

  • 20-10-17. Last week, our show department for the Open Days in spring 2018 has been planted. . Almost our full range of freesia varieties will be blooming in early March. In addition to our nominations for the Jan Goemans Freesia Trophy (‘Biscaya’, ‘Bastogne’ and ‘Starlight’), the new varieties  ‘Survivor’ and ‘Fuego’ have been planted, complemented by several promising new selections that will be introduced in the coming years .

  • 24 May 2017. This week, it was time for he regular freesia inspection of the freesia fields on location in the northern part of North Holland. The cormlets have been planted just two monts ago, and almost all lots seem to grow very well.  As it looks now,  all freesia fields will be in full within five weeks.

  • 30 March 2017. Our double-flowering variety ‘Peachy Queen’ received the highest rating of the jury at the annual Freesia Show at Keukenhof. The unique peach pink color, very large, double flowers, long spikes, the heavy stems and the high degree of uniformity  resulted in a rating of 9.55 for this beautiful vase, a score that could not be surpassed by any other variety. With this result the award for the best double flowering freesia  was also won. A close second was the new double yellow ‘Survivor’ with a score of 9.52.

    The presentation at the Keukenhof this year consisted of 16 different varieties in a wide variety of colours. The main colours white, yellow, blue, red and pink included both a single- and a double-flowering variety, supplemented with new colours like bright orange and peach pink. The prize for the best presentation provided a close finish, where the average ratings of all varieties together were exactly equal to that of the eventual winner VandenBos Freesia. Due to the large number of entries, the jury finally decided to award the prize to this company.

  • 22 March 2017. This year the annually event ‘Kom in de Kas’ takes place in the Bospolder in Honselersdijk. On 1 & 2 April ten agricultural companies open their doors to the public. At Penning’s you are most welcome to experience the world of breeding of Freesia and Hippeastrum. Most of the flowers at our breeding department will be at bloom at this weekend.

  • 15 November 2016. Next spring, Penning Freesia will introduce three new double-flowered freesiavarieties at auction FloraHolland: one deep red variety and two solid blue varieties.  Different plantings during several weeks will ensure that in the introductory year the varieties will  be available for a longer period at the auction. In mid-December, these varieties will be named.

  • 16-8-2016. Harvesting of our first fall crop of freesia is scheduled to begin by the end of August. In week 20, the bronze-colored, double-flowering variety ‘ Bastogne ‘ was planted, of which the stems are growing quite fast now.  In successive plantings, a range of varieties such as ‘Bordeaux’, ‘Riga’, ‘Oregon’, ‘Pink Devotion’, ‘Clementine’ and ‘Starlight’ are included.

    An overview of all plantings for autumn flowering can be found here.