• From next week onwards, flowering trials can be viewed at our company again. The planting was planted in mid-January and consists of a large number of varieties and new introductions. New in the range are the varieties Montana, Pink Cadillac, Supernova, Chiara, Mascotte, Romeo and Verdi. Several new varieties and selections are also available for release. Furthermore, small witnesses of more than 100 new selections have been planted for assessment. It is possible to view the planting on Wednesdays March 6, 13 and 20 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. We hope to welcome you to our company in the recommended weeks.

    We hope to be able to welcome you during the open days.

  • Our store is currently closed. We would like to welcome you to our store next period.

    Good news! Our store will open its doors again from Saturday, October 21 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for the sale of our freesias and amaryllis. Whether you come to visit for the (wonderful scent of) freesias, the various amaryllis decorations (in a matching autumn theme), or for a nice cup of coffee or tea, we wish you a warm welcome and hope to greet you on this Saturday.

    Until further notice, we only open our store on Saturdays. If this Saturday does not suit you, we would like to welcome you to the store one of the following Saturdays.

    Example of a mixed freesia bundle
  • Our store is currently closed. We would like to welcome you to our store next period.

    Our store will open its doors again in mid-October for the new season. The store can be found as part of our greenhouse next to Bospolder 23. Before you approach the T-junction, you can turn left twice, after which you will find our store on the right after driving a few meters. Opening hours are on Fridays from 12:00 to 16:00. hours and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Every week, beautiful bunches of fresh freesias are for sale here in different colors and varied trays with amaryllis and amaryllis bulbs to plant yourself.

    For weekly information about the offer: check the Penning Freesia & amaryllis store Facebook page (Dutch only).

  • Last Thursday afternoon, the new light blue freesia ‘Leila’ was officially sprinkled at our company. A competition has been organized via the Facebook page of the Penning Freesia store to come up with a name for a new freesia variety. A jury of Penning Freesia has selected the winning name ‘Leila’ from the many entries.

    The creator of the name, Linda Dessing and her partner were invited to our company to sprinkle the variety. The variety has a light blue color and is distinguished by the speed of cultivation, the suitability for year-round cultivation and the particularly good smell for this colour. The variety will be supplied to the FloraHolland auction from this week and the plant material of this variety will be traded by our cooperation partner VandenBos Freesia.

    The new variety will also be for sale in our store in the upcoming weeks.

  • The prestigious Jan Goemans Trophy has been awarded at the annual Freesia-event, which takes place at the Keukenhof. This trophy is awarded every year to the most promising and best new freesia variety, in honor of Jan Goemans, a Dutch breeder living England, who was responsible for the breeding of approximately 90% of the freesia varieties in the past centuries. This year, Penning Freesia has been honored with the trophy for the variety Purple King.

    Purple King is a sharply-coloured purple freesia with a strong, double flower. A much appreciated variety, by both cultivators and consuments that visit our shop.

    Should you have any questions with regards to the availability of this variety, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Starting next week, it will be possible to view blooming tests at our company again. The planting has been done at the end of January and consists of a large amount of varieties and new introductions. Additionally, more than 100 new small selection tests have been planted for judgment. At Wednesday 29/03 and Wednesday 05/04 we would be glad to welcome you between 13.00 and 17.00 to come and take sight of the plantings.

    We hope to be able to greet you at our company within the coming weeks.

  • Honselersdijk, September 23rd, 2022 The management of Van den Bos Flowerbulbs and Penning Freesia are pleased and proud to announce today that they have joined forces to strengthen their leading position in the global freesia market.

    With this joining of forces, both companies give substance to their shared vision that further economies of scale are necessary in order to be able to continue to invest in further growth of this thriving and appealing product for the Netherlands. The joining of forces means that Penning’s trading activities will be transferred to Van den Bos. Penning will continue to operate as an independent company in the cultivation and breeding of freesia and amaryllis, and Penning will also continue to trade in the dry sale of freesia.

    (f.l.t.r.) Frans van der Weiden and Daan Vermeer
    At the table (f.l.t.r.): Marko Penning, Peter Penning, Robert Piek

    Robert Piek, CEO at Van den Bos: “Penning is a highly respected company that has built up a solid position in the global freesia market over a period of more than 95 years. I am very happy with this joining of forces. I am convinced that our companies strengthen each other and that together we can ensure continuity of the beautiful product freesia. Together we can invest more in marketing, product development, quality and improvements in logistics processes.

    Marko Penning, General Manager of Penning: “The addition of our freesia range at Van den Bos is an important step forward. Van den Bos is the market leader in the export of flower bulbs for professional nurseries. I am convinced that our range will benefit from the scale they have achieved in the meantime. Together we can build on strengthening our position and on even better cooperation with our international customers.”

    About Van den Bos

    Since 1946, Van den Bos has been active in the cultivation, storage, preparation and trade of lilies, freesias and calla for professional floriculture. In this field of flower bulbs – in which Dutch companies have a global dominant position – Van den Bos is the market leader in the product freesia. In addition to the Penning range, Van den Bos also trades the freesia varieties from Royal van Zanten and various other breeders. The company employs approximately 100 people worldwide.

    About Penning

    Penning was founded in 1926 and has been active in the breeding of freesia since the 1960s, and also in the breeding of amaryllis since the 1980s. The company is located in Honselersdijk and is led by cousins Marko and Peter Penning. The company has 18 employees. The trade in freesias in the Netherlands and abroad is done by Niels Drughorn, who will be strengthening the sales team at Van den Bos as of 1 January.


    Van den Bos and Penning will continue to operate as independent companies, where in addition to cooperation in trade, cooperation in services will also be continued. Together they will focus on strengthening commercial activities. As a consequence of this acquisition, Penning’s own production of freesia tubers in Morocco will eventually be discontinued and moved to Van den Bos’s New Zealand production. The consequences of this step for both organizations will be carefully examined in detail in the coming weeks. In any case, Niels Drughorn will strengthen the sales team at Van den Bos as of 1-1-2023.

  • Next Saturday, 21st of May, and Sunday, 22nd of May, the event ‘Dwars door de Kas’ will be taking place. It is therefore possible to cycle through our company, amongst many others within the region. For more information, please visit  https://www.dddk.nl/ (Dutch only)

  • Starting from next week, there will be an opportunity to visit our company, with many new freesia varieties and- selections in bloom. From Tuesday the 22th of March until Friday the 25th of March, you are very welcome to visit the planting on appointment.

    New in our product range are the varieties ‘Yukon’ (single flowered, white) and ‘Tiffany’ (double flowered, white). Aside from that, the varieties ‘Purple King’, ‘Shakira’ and ‘Davina’, can also be seen, all of which are nominated for the Jan Goemans trophy. During the open days, there will also be the opportunity to look at introductions for the coming years, with several new selections distinctive in terms of color, fragrance, vase life and flower size.

    We hope to be able to welcome you at our company soon.

    Niels Drughorn (06 57798113) / Peter Penning (06 51545102)

  • Our mailboxes are available again. This means we are able to receive mails on our regular e-mail addresses. We thank you for your patience.