Change in breeding sections of Hippeastrum and Freesia

2-11-2015. In the next few months, a change will take place in the breeding sections in our greenhouse.. The main change is that the production of Hippeastrum cut-flowers will be terminated and the breeding of Hippeastrum will be moved to this greenhouse-section. The breeding of Freesia will be moved to the former Hippeastrum breeding section.  In recent years, the production space for cultivation of cutflower Hippeastrum has proved to be too small for introducing new varieties in sufficient numbers.

By the end of November, the harvesting of the cutflowers will be finished and new seedlings and selections of Hippeastrum will be planted in this space within six weeks from then.

As this greenhouse section is significantly larger than the previous one, this enables us to extend the testing program of promising new selections. An additional advantage is that the breeding of Freesia will be continued in a separate department and the possibilities of testing of new selections are extended.