What are we doing?

Penning company specialises in the breeding, propagation, culture and trading in high quality freesia and hippeastrum plant material. Currently, the company’s facilities in the Netherlands comprise 12,000 m² of greenhouse space and 6,000 m² for cooling, drying and preparation. Facilities for vase-life testing of potential new cut-flowers are available and cultural trials are carried out in most parts of the greenhouse.


noordhollandOver the years, the company has developed a comprehensive, high quality product range with new varieties being introduced annually from its breeding program.  Each year, a large number of promising new selections are extensively tested and evaluated against criterion important to growers, buyers and consumers.  Possible new product uses are explored, and the results filed for future reference.  During the past 10 years, the company has introduced novel colours including orange, chestnut-brown and white/blue striped into its conventional assortment of whites, yellows, reds, pinks and blues; resulting in a unique colour range, rarely seen in ornamental crops.

Luisvrije teelt in Marokko

Propagation and preservation of new and existing varieties is carried out in two locations: in Morocco and in the north of Noord-Holland province in the Netherlands.  The development of aphid-free shaded houses in Morocco and shaded tunnels in the Netherlands has enabled the production of virtually virus-free, planting material.  Together, these two locations enable fresh, top quality planting material to be supplied throughout the year.

Climate-specific cultural advice to suit individual circumstances throughout most continents, is all part of the after-sales service.  In consultation with the client, the company prepares a cultivation scheme, tailored to the client’s local climatic conditions and taking into account any specific cultural features and potential cultural difficulties. Moreover, the development of new computer technologies enables the company to advise clients, as and when required, irrespective of their geographical location.


foto1Beginning in the mid-nineties, the company has developed an exciting assortment of hippeastrum for pot and cut-flower cultivation, with the annual addition of improved and innovative varieties. Each year, new selections undergo extensive testing and evaluation against criterion important to growers, buyers and consumers.

Penning Breeding is primarily concerned with the propagation and production of juvenile material of new varieties.  As with freesias,  planting material is grown in Morocco where the higher light intensities guarantees first class growth.  This material is then supplied to bulb and cutflower hippeastrum growers, both at home and abroad.