• Currently,  five plantings of freesia are growing for fall flowering. In week 20 the varieties Bastogne (double bronze), Starlight (double white), Tavira (double blue), Morning Sun (single yellow) and Ilse (single white) were planted in two planting areas. In week 22, 24 and 26, a planting area was planted with Starlight and Corvette (single white), Peachy Queen (double, peach-colored) and Clementine (double, orange).So far, the plant development seems to be going very well, and the harvest of the first varieties (Starlight and Bastogne) is expected to start at the end of August.


  • Five freesia varieties for autumn flowering were planted in week 20. In the first section the varieties ‘Bastogne’ (bronze colored) and Starlight (white) are planted, both double-flowering and very productive varieties. In the second section the new double blue variety ” Tavira ” is planted along with the varieties ‘Ilse’ (clear white), and ‘Morning Sun’ (bright yellow).

    In addition to a high production and tall stems, these varieties are distinguished by their excellent vase life.  Harvesting is expected  to start from the end of August .