Our company has been breeding Freesia for almost half a century. Following the introduction of the first varieties in the mid 1970’s, we have since created many new varieties resulting in a brand new assortment.  Although the current assortment already displays remarkable variation in types and colours, our breeding program continues to produce varieties in exciting new and novel colours which will become available to commercial growers, exporters and consumers in the coming years.


Our main objective is to develop and deliver new, improved varieties with added value to all those in the floriculture supply chain. Fast growing hybrids that are suitable for year-round cultivation, together with stem quality and production per m² are essential characteristics for the commercial grower. Whilst traders are concerned with the plant’s sensitivity to transportation and maturing of the flowers;  consumers consider flowering, vase-life and scent to be particularly important.

As well as focusing on the standard colours (white, yellow, violet/blue and red/pink), the development of new and novel colours has always been an important consideration in our breeding program. Over the years, this has resulted in the creation of an exciting and unique colour range.  Examples include dark purple (‘Purple Rain’), blue-white striped (‘Striped Pearl’), yellow-red striped (‘Striped Sun’), soft pink (‘Honeymoon’) and chestnut-brown (‘Lady Brunet’).  Within a few years, the Freesia assortment will be further enriched with varieties in even more striking new colours.