Freesia ‘Peachy Queen’ gets highest rating on the Keukenhof

30 March 2017. Our double-flowering variety ‘Peachy Queen’ received the highest rating of the jury at the annual Freesia Show at Keukenhof. The unique peach pink color, very large, double flowers, long spikes, the heavy stems and the high degree of uniformity  resulted in a rating of 9.55 for this beautiful vase, a score that could not be surpassed by any other variety. With this result the award for the best double flowering freesia  was also won. A close second was the new double yellow ‘Survivor’ with a score of 9.52.

The presentation at the Keukenhof this year consisted of 16 different varieties in a wide variety of colours. The main colours white, yellow, blue, red and pink included both a single- and a double-flowering variety, supplemented with new colours like bright orange and peach pink. The prize for the best presentation provided a close finish, where the average ratings of all varieties together were exactly equal to that of the eventual winner VandenBos Freesia. Due to the large number of entries, the jury finally decided to award the prize to this company.