Start of Hippeastrum propagation

5-10-2015.  Last week we started with the propagation of Hippeastrum for next season. Currently, the white-flowering varieties ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Himalaya’, suitable for cut-flower production, are being propagated.Propagation of Hippeastrum is taking place by means of twin-scaling of mature bulbs. Bulbs are cut in small parts, and every single part is subsequently cut in another three to five pieces. These twinscales will be disinfected and placed in boxes with moist vermiculite, and put in the store at 28º C. In the axils of the scales, small new bulblets will develop within about 6-8 weeks. Bulblets from propagation until November will be planted next February. After nine months of growth, the bulbs will be harvested from early November. Bulblets from propagation after mid-November will be planted in August 2016, and will be harvested after a 13-months growing period in September 2017.